Municipal Law

Meardon, Sueppel & Downer has historically placed an emphasis on the practice of municipal law, having represented numerous cities, counties, and other municipal entities since the Firm was founded. The Firm played an integral role in the creation and establishment of the Iowa League of Cities and the Iowa Municipalities Workers' Compensation Association, including services as general counsel for the Iowa League of Cities for over 40 years. The Firm continues to represent IMWCA. 

Our municipal services include representing Cities as City Attorney for a number of communities in Iowa, as well as working with cities, counties, and other public entities on a case-by-case basis when our expertise is called upon. The firm has represented cities in personnel matters, civil service, 411 pension matters, labor negotiations, open records and open meetings issues, annexation, nuisance abatement, plat and development review, ordinance and resolution drafting, and a myriad of other issues that confront municipalities on a daily basis. 

We have developed a very close relationship with the municipalities around the state through our representation, as well as regularly providing guidance and education by speaking at municipal gatherings and seminars over the years. Our team is ready to assist your community in any matter that presents itself. Our experience allows us to provide you the legal guidance and counsel that will assist you in the unique matters that arise in an affordable and efficient manner. 

Attorneys Practicing in this Area include:

William J. Sueppel